Thoughts on Diigo

I finally joined the MCCPot group at Diigo, yay! I was a bit frustrated with the site to begin with because for three days straight I tried joining the group and it kept telling me that the site was doing a background upgrade and to check back later. So I managed to join Diigo itself, but not the MCCPot group. On my fourth day, I succeeded in joining the actual group.

Thus far I have not explored Diigo much, bit it looks pretty extensive. I have a feeling I’m about to become very social, yes?? ­čÖé

On a side note, I also am going to explore Googledocs this week. I keep hearing it will change my life, so it obviously must be done.


My Secret Struggle

So, I should probably tell everyone that I live in the mountains of Escondido and when I say mountains, I mean it takes me 45 min to an hour to get to San Marcos, lol.

The only reason I say this is because these mountains create a connectivity black hole wherein I cannot get high speed internet and I, unlike most everyone in the modern world, still have dial-up internet at my house. So, if your messages do not immediately appear on my blog, it might be because my internet decided that WordPress was just too big to load that day, and I couldn’t get in to approve anything.

The good news – once school starts I use their high speed and become a normal person ­čÖé

I’m loving reading the posts so far! This class will be great!

My first blog…


I’m new to this blogging thing and feel a bit bashful about even saying how new to this I am! Although I teach online, I do so from the comfort of Blackboard and Moodle. Those are excellent infrastructures, but I’m excited to learn a lot more and cannot wait to challenge myself with this program.

Hope this post not only finds everyone well, but actually finds everyone!