Google Reader Rocks!

So, I’ve just set up my Google Reader and subscribed to BBC and North County Times feeds. I can imagine this becoming a real addiciton and immediately see the benefit of having a reader. I feel silly that I did not know about these before this class, but I remind myself that I’m taking this course TO learn about those things I do not know about!

I’m jazzed coming into week two and anxious to soak up some more info. I’m not sure all of it is exactly easy yet, but I’m taking a lot of notes.


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  1. vcvaile
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 23:36:56

    Indeed GR does… rock… and indeed it is addictive. The more you use it, the more you will remodel to suit your needs. I find I need to rework folder configuration from time to time, tidy up tags. I also keep a couple of folders just for files I’m not sure how to tag..I using slightly different tags for single posts than for feeds makes it easier to find them later – they wont be buried in an avalanche of feeds.

    To further feed your addiction, check the goodies and sent to tab on the ‘manage subscriptions’ page and don’t forget to add the Diigo feed to your potcert11 folder. I add a hashmark to tags for folders for courses in progress – matches the twitter tag and keeps them at the top of the list – faster to find

    Have fun….


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