Course Design and Development

After reading Ko + Rossen, Chickering and Ehrmann, completing the questionnaire and looking at the getting started chart, I have determined the following:

I scored a 14 on the questionnaire, which means I lean slightly more toward presentation of material rather than interactivity. This surprised me a bit, but after further consideration of the questions and answers I realized this score was fairly accurate.

If I were to build my own online class from scratch in the future, I would probably offer both a video recording of my lecture each week as well as a text document of it to appeal to two types of learners. I would include a discussion forum for students to respond to questions I have posted, and make an area available for them to post questions unrelated to the texts. I would make use of You Tube videos to help the students better grasp the concepts. For example, if I required my students to read Othello I would include a You Tube video of a scene from the film so they could see how the a traditional performance of the material and another video of the Othello rap from William Shakespeare Abridged so they could see a satirical and modern take on this classic text. I think this combination of activities would be a nice mixture of both presentation and interactivity – but still leans a bit more toward presentation. Hence, the score was fairly accurate :0)

My goals for this future class would be that the students not only grasp the concepts of writing an essay and learning to questions texts, but also see how those skills can be applied in the real world. I feel that by providing them with multiple examples of this happening, it would help them to see the larger picture and beyond just their assignments for the course.

I am big on organization too – so my courses would be organized according to week. That way their lecture, videos and discussion board links would all be there for each week, rather than spearated out according to type of technology.

I have no idea if this is any good…lol.


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  1. bdavisshannon
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 15:37:46

    I’m thinking of doing the combined video/text lecture in the future as well, for precisely the same reason. One thing I’m struggling with is whether to have the video be a combination sildeshow/audio track. But, if that’s the case, how do I make sure the text is equivalent? Do I simply embed individual slides at the appropriate places? Or, do I not treat the text and video as equivalent and let them stand as two necessary resources that let students emphasize on their particular learning style? Hm.


    • ericaduran
      Sep 26, 2011 @ 22:30:00

      Good ideas – and I don’t know either, lol! I was thinking of only doing a straight lecture, but perhaps that would be too boring to watch. I like your ideas about adding in other elements, but I can see your questioning how much and when etc… I really like your final idea to treat them as two separate learning tools. Perhaps they could both be used by students wanting both types of messaging. Good brainstorming 😀


  2. Barbara McPherson
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 01:02:51

    Hi Erica,
    Your ideas are great! Hi, I’m Barbara a mentor for PF and I thought I would just jump in here to say that you are right on track. Being organized is sooo very important in the online environment so it sounds like you will fit right in. Following a week by week schedule matches what most students expect from a college class and therefore is a good plan for your classroom. From the sound of your post, I’m sure you can come up with some interactive assignments for your students. One thing about an online class is that students can feel unimportant and unheard – especially those who are not familiar with the environment. Giving students many opportunities to discuss their ideas, communicate with each other, and with you will go miles in appreciation, engagement, and learning. If you want you can even have students create their own PowerPoint presentations to share will a group a classmates!


    • ericaduran
      Sep 26, 2011 @ 22:38:30

      Hi Barbara – thanks for chiming in! Yes, I have seen that the more a student engages in an online class, even if it is in a discussion forum set aside for “off topic conversation” – they do better in the course.

      I’m glad I sound organized. That is a personal/professional goal of mine. I know as a student I was always incredibly frustrated when my profs appeared unprepared or it was more work than it needed to be for me to navigate a course online. I took many courses online and loved them when they were run well. My mother is currently in an online graduate program at a school which will remain anonymous (it is worth noting it is a State U though) and the online program really has no regulations in terms of when a “week begins/ends” or the format required, etc…all of the instructors are sort of free flying and do not appear to talk to each other about how they are running the program in an online format. Although instructors should have the adacemic freedom , my mother finds herself in three classes per semester where one begins on Monday, another on Thursday, and another on Sunday – all with differing formats, broken links, syllabi posted up from three semesters prior (no reason given, but a current one is forthcoming!) and so on. I’m appalled at how prepared the students are expected to be in this gradaute program and how equally unprepared some of the faculty appear to be. I do not know if it is their nature in a face-to-face class as well or if they simply have not mastered the online environment. Either way the result is the same – the students are confused about what needs to be done and when and do not feel comfortable saying to an instructor more than about twice “Could you please put that file up that you want us to read by tomorrow?” Aye aye. I sympathize with her and am always happy when she has a semester with online savvy faculty. Unfortunately, this semester isn’t one of those, lol.

      Many thanks for listening to my mini-vent, lol – Erica


  3. Barbara McPherson
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 12:51:13

    It still amazes me when I hear about unprepared instructors and unorganized online classrooms. Even if a class is new there still needs to be time spent in preparation and organization before the class opens – and in my experience it’s a lot time – but also, when the online classroom is ready it can be very gratifying.


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