Week Four review – a bit late!!

Gosh – this week was nuts and somehow I feel behind. I hope this doesn’t sink my ship in terms of the certificate!

I started worrying about week three thinking that I missed something, but I appear to be caught up there.

So, here goes for Week Four:

I checked our Prezi and LOVE it! Its organization really spoke to me and so did its presentation. I literally love how it looks. It looks so different from other websites. It reminded me of a scrapbook actually, and since I like to scrapbook, I think I like Prezi 🙂 I plan to spend more time getting around there and trying some stuff in there. I could imagine actually having that as an online component either for a hybrid class or for a face-to-face class that needed an online component.

The HTML tutorial was interesting. As Frank mentioned in his blog this week, much of it was stuff I already knew. Many years ago my mother set up a website and we realized quickly that a “little knowledge of html” would be helpful in making our websites seem less stock fottage in appearance. That mushroomed into my learning a large amount of HTML 4, and I still remember elements that are helpful. I find myself rarely using it though. Overall, I find knowing it useful at times, but can say with certainty that if I did not know it I would not find myself any less creative.

In terms of what to use from Chapter Three, I think there were a few things that really struck me as working for a composition course online. Elements I would include for a college level composition course would be:

  • Weekly readings out of a textbook that I would require the students to purchase either as a paper book or eBook. Ko and Rossen address this and I found that info helpful and relevant to my discipline (English) especially.
  • Weekly discussions of those readings in a discussion board forum.
  • Short writing assignments, also done weekly, that model the type of reading they just completed. For example, if I assigned a comparison and contrast type of text, I would have my students do their own comparison and contrast type of essay.
  • Weekly grammar exercises that are low stakes in terms of overall points, and not very time consuming. The goal of this would be to help students work on common errors by continuously working on these in small pieces without turning the composition course into a grammar course. These weekly exercises could be limited to no more than 30 minutes of work per week per student, but may pay course long dividends.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Chapter Three and the materials for this week. I’m excited to move into Week Five and….explore Prezi this week! I really liked it 🙂



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Denise Figueroa
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 15:51:09

    Hi. I know how you feel about HTML. I also had a website few years ago and I totally forgot HTML!!!


  2. Laura
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 03:33:57

    The way you compared Prezi to scrapbooking was neat! I have often felt like Prezi and Microsoft Publisher have similarities to one another. Maybe it’s just me. However, with both, I feel like I have a big desk and I can pull things on and off the piece of paper that is on the desk and arrange them in any way desired. I never thought about how both programs are like scrapbooking, but I think that’s a great way to describe it.


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