I love Elluminate!

My schedule has not allowed me to participate in the weekly synchronous sessions, so I have not been logged into Elluminate before or tried it out.

I use Blackboard as an online component to my face-to-face class at Palomar College and so I was able to access Elluminate via that webshell. I set up a session in less than five minutes and was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to do.

This is definitely a tool I am going to begin to use in my online courses. I teach for an online school that also uses Blackboard and the classes are only eight weeks long. I can see immediately what the benefit would be of offering a live session for Q&A even once or twice during those eight weeks for students to get immediate feedback and interaction with each other. I also see how this could be a real bond builder, because so many students make connections to each other through the discussion boards and it would be a lot of fun to have them be able to actually hear each other’s voices in a real time discussion!

Very cool tool. I’m glad to have found it!



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