Impressed by Engrade

There are a few things that really impress me about Engrade:

  • it isFREE. I’m still surprised at how many free tools there are out there. Maybe I just sound jaded by saying that, but wow! This is a pretty neat program to get for free.
  • there are numerous features in addition to the gradebook element. I like the fact that students can submit work via Engrade, and that students can be messaged through there as well. These are all elements that would strike me as useful and practical.
  • the set-up appears to be very simple and user-friendly. I can see having students sign-up for this and receiving minimal complaint 🙂

While I currently use Blackboard for my online classes, it is simply because it has so many tools built in that really work well for me. I know, I know ….we are “occupying” this week 🙂 but, I don’t hate Blackboard yet…sorry! 🙂 However, with Engrade I am now beginning to really feel like I can see how a class could easily be built inside of a blog (using that as the hub) and then connecting it to something like Engrade for the bookkeeping aspect of it. That aspect is important and confused me before. I was unsure how folks who ran their classes out of a blog alone handled grading, although some mentions of various methods were used. I think Engrade, or something similar, would solve that for me.

A close friend of mine teaches in K-12 and she is always inputting grades online. I do not know what program she uses, but always assumed it was something set through the school or district. I see her tomorrow, and I’m going to ask if it happens to be Engrade!



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  1. rdkendall
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 18:19:15

    Hi Erica
    Thanks for your thoughts. I’ve used Blackboard but much prefer Moodle, where marks and grades are usefully processed. But I’m now wondering whether it might be better for students to have their own blogs away from the institution and a posting/collating service like Engrade.


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