My mini-website at Googlesites

First, I want to thank Pilar for always creating easy to follow tutorials 🙂 I appreciate them.

Second, I managed to create a very mini-website this week. I am currently teaching a grammar class at Palomar College, hence my focus on grammar lately in Diigo and now in the Google Site. I had more on this little site but didn’t hit save, or something, and had to start all over 😦 so, I did not spend AS much time the second time around. However, I feel now that I can safely add to this.

I do like how user-friendly Googlesites is. There are “gadgets” and things to add, which are also fun and I intend on experimenting with. I tried adding a dictionary, but couldn’t really see how it worked because my browser is outdated…so I’ll work on that as well to get the full experience.

Anyhoo, here goes nothing: Nifty Grammar


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  1. Kim Mc
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 03:00:26

    Erica I think your website looks fabulous and your intention to improve grammatical skills is to be applauded. I work in adult Ed/training and I often find egs of simple errors in grammar, which I have to correct, then I realize that the person had no idea of their error or the grammatical rule that I applied. Yeah sure, life goes on but grammar ‘should’ be learned in primary grades at school.
    Now let me check my grammar in this comment. I find that I slack off when commenting on blogs, as I write as if I am speaking.


    • ericaduran
      Nov 09, 2011 @ 18:45:46


      It’s funny because I am terribly when it comes to typos. I just type too fast and don’t catch them, but then when I go to re-read what I wrote it always looks like I jsut can’t spell or strong a sentence together to save my life 🙂

      Yes, grammar should be focused on more in grade schoolbut also in more courses beyond grade school. I think the thing is that folks learn some of it early, but then are not always graded on it in all courses after that initial learning. For example, I know of many instructors (as I’m sure we all do) who teach history, science, etc…not writing. If a student submits a paper with below par grammar but understands the ideas that the course was teaching, the student will pass the paper (usually). The student really then does not see a real need to “fix” the grammar errors, because there isn’t any consequence for having poor grammar. Now I sound out to ban poor grammar or something 😀


  2. jproppe
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 03:40:50

    I love “Grammar Time”!! That image alone should attract quite a bit of attention. My Google Site is a bit dull in comparison, but there is always time to improve it in the future.


    • ericaduran
      Nov 12, 2011 @ 19:52:31

      Thanks! 🙂 I actually really enjoy grammar, so I use a lot of humor in order to get my students to remember the rules. One of my favorites is describing semicolons and exclamation points as “fatty punctuation” that we need to avoid so we don’t pack on too many. If we do use either of them, we need to think about them in advance 🙂


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