Week Eleven: Larry Lessig’s presentation


This week’s You Tube video of Larry Lessig was not only incredibly entertaining (I’ll get to that in a minute), but also made me really re-think the laws we have in place currently regarding copyright and technology, specifically the Internet.

He talks about this “read write” culture that has been revived and brought back to life via the Internet and I truly never thought about pre-Internet, pre-technology culture in that way. He says there was a shift from “read write” culture to “read only” culture and now back to “read write” because the general population now has a creative voice again.

Throughout his lecture he kept referring back to “our kids” – he was saying that they are different from us – and by using “our kids” again and again he only hammered that point home. He implied this current copyright predicament is not only current, it is one we will continue to face and more importantly our kids will continue to face if the laws are not brought up to speed with the technology our kids, and us of course, are now working with.

I felt that his solutions at the end were slightly vague. I think he set up the problems quite well, and he made an excellent point about the fact that w are “criminalizing” creative behavior because we simply do not have laws in place that really leave that creativity open without punishment for infringing on copyright. But, I didn’t feel his solution was very clear or very developed. I wanted to hear a bit more about what a practical solution would look like – rather than what it just sounds like. I wanted about fifteen more minutes out of this presentation ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, as I said earlier, I not only learned how to re-cast this issue in my own mind, I was also entertained. I literally laughed out loud throughout his video presentation, as did most of the crowd. This was a fun assignments this week.

(this video was just too funny ๐Ÿ™‚


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