Gonna be tardy

I’m getting over a massive sinus and inner ear infection (lovely, I know) – but fell so behind on everything. I’ll definitely participate in Week Fourteen, but closer to week Fifteen 😦


Week Thirteen – Photos and such…

First, it’s good to be back in class! I’m anxious to get working with everyone again.

I tried out Flickr and it feels a bit unnatural to me still, but I’m willing to keep working with it. I don’t know exactly what purpose I might be using it for in my courses, but am open to exploring ways in which to use it. I do like that one can use photos from Creative Commons, as Ro and Kossen pointed us to, from Flickr and I imagine that might be the biggest way in which I incorporate this into my work. One possible way in which I’m thinking about incorporating Flickr is actually by having my students analyze it. I am currently teaching the essay, “Regarding the Pain of Others” by Susan Sontag. Her entire essay is about the power of photographs and she says at one point, “Photographs that everyone recognizes are now a constituent part of what society chooses to think about, or declares that it has chosen to think about.” It might be interesting to pose the questions to my students – what types of photos did you find on Flickr? What does this say about society today? Of course I’ll need some better guidelines in practicum, but I’m just brainstorming right now. I like the intersection I am currently seeing between my POT class and my English class and would like to utilize it.

Since embedding a photo from Flickr into WordPress is a no-go, I am copying the link here to the adorable bunny photo I uploaded. Although I DO have my own bunny, it isn’t this one. If I had to answer my own question from above, I don’t exactly know what this bunny photo tells me about society. Perhaps I could posit, “Professor Duran is no different than the millions of other Americans who have become infatuated with adorable animal photos and videos posted online. She has, however, taken the next drastic step in this trend by choosing to participate rather than simply being an onlooker, by posting a photo of a cute little bunny who appears to be clapping its paws. Although cute, Professor Duran also states it is not her bunny, and it is not her photograph. This leads us to believe she is seeking cuteness from others! Perhaps Professor Duran is in need of more cute animals in her life.”

Finally, my PrtScn button is not working on the computer I am currently using, and since I am at work, I do not have administrative duties to add the ScreenGrab software. So, I may (or may not) attempt this later from home. I say “may not” simply because I can honestly never remember a time when I required  screen shot, so going to trouble to download software in order to do it just so I can say I know how, I’m not sure – I’ll think about it  🙂