Belated Week 17 posting

For this week I decided to simply do a Power Point and link to it here. It’s not in Slideshare or anything fancy, in the interest of time and my playing catch-up, so to speak. POTWeek17

I really appreciated Lisa’s blog post about “The Seven Things I’d Want to Know” – and think this might have been a great thing to have even in the first part of the course. It’s a good introduction to some of the initial questions first time online faculty don’t know they should ask yet!

Louisa Moon’s video was also so helpful. Anything to save time and not forsake quality is okay by me! Lisa mentioned that as well – sometimes the stuff that cuts down on the instructor’s time turns out to be an excellent learning exercise for the students. But, I imagine we have all accidentally stumbled across those in our face-to-face classes as well, yes? 🙂


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