Week 15 make-up

I did all of the Ko and Rossen reading for this week, which was informative, but much of it I felt I would not really use for my courses. It’s not to say I cou;dn’t use it, I could, but I feel after reviewing everything there were only two things I would probably really put to use: mind mapping and Surveymonkey.

In terms of SurveyMonkey, I did a very brief reading and writing survey. I typically offer this type survey in my F2F classes, but have not yet done so for my online courses. I would like to implement this and now that I have actually done a survey via Survey Monkey, plan to go back and tweak this to make it really ready to wear! Here is my draft:
Click here to take survey

Mind mapping was really great looking and I like the idea behind it A LOT. I had significant trouble though with MindMeister. It was not compatible with my browser and ended up deleting my mind map about three modes in, which was a bummer. I did not get a chance to try Personal Brain, but I will. I like the idea of mind mapping because it gives me the ability to graphically do the type of presentaiton I would normally draw out on a board in a F2F class. Before I have done Word documents with text boxes and so on for my online courses, but this is what mind mapping does and I think it will make my life much easier. I like the convenience (once I can get it to work) of the mind mapping and really did like MindMeister, but need to spend more time in it and perhaps use Firefox next time.

Jing – ahh, Jing. I can’t get into it. It wasn’t something I really liked…at least yet. I did not do a Jing. I’m sorry 😦 It was not a tool I felt comfortable in (much like Eyejot) and don’t envision myself using as a tool. I do see the benefit, possibly, of learning it, but I have trouble imagining myself using it practically.


Week 23 – My Presentation

For my presentation I really got to thinking about how my view of teaching in the online environment has changed, and moreover, how I would like my students in the online world to be able to understand where I am coming from. In person I set up a tone/message on the first day of class and I believe I carry that same tone throughout the semester. In my online class I think I have tried to do so before, but often incrementally, add to my message throughout the semester on an as-needed basis. I was aiming for a nice intro letter here – a consistent set-up if you will of my expecations of them, their expecatations of me, and what all of us being in this together looks like.

The readings and activities we have done in this course have taught me several things, but most importantly, it is that student engagement online is so much more than someone signing in and completing the work. How do we make that work matter? How do we make the student realize we think it matters? That they matter?

So..I have done a Prezi and again, am linking ehre since WordPress seems so adamantly against us embedding. I considered adding in sources on Prezi in terms of the influences for each of the points I address in the my “open letter” but I realized that would not fit IN the letter. It wouldn’t be the right place. I hope, as you read, you see the culminating knowledge of our year long journey through this open letter to my online students…

Open Letter to Online Students

Week 21 embedding…

Okay – I got my Slideshare upload to work! Here it is…

Week 21 Posting

This week’s topics, Online Education Theory, really reminded me that I often employ pedagogies that I simply did not know or remember the name of. This is both good and bad in the sense that I should know the names of the pedagogies I employ, but good in the sense that I do employ them 🙂

I’ve chosen to do a Powerpoint this week on how these pedagogies appear in my own English courses already and how I might adapt them to my English courses online…along with other musings about the week’s reading, which I found incredibly interesting. I did attempt to upload this to Slideshare, but I got several error messages. I’ll keep trying, but don’t have a link to post, so I’m jsut attaching the PPT here 😦 Week 21 Ponderings.

In terms of my final presentation, I’ve done several Prezis and am considering doing a final one for my project simply because I now feel really comfortable in that format and would like to see what I can do now that I’m not “learning” still. My topic of interest, I believe, will be something to do with the expectations of online students and how they differ or match up with the expectations that isntructors have. Ideally, I’d like to go back to some of our readings about how to develop a strong course (practically speaking in terms of accessing files, etc) and what students think about this set-up, etc..and how it affects their overall impression of online courses and the isntructors teaching them. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.