Week 15 make-up

I did all of the Ko and Rossen reading for this week, which was informative, but much of it I felt I would not really use for my courses. It’s not to say I cou;dn’t use it, I could, but I feel after reviewing everything there were only two things I would probably really put to use: mind mapping and Surveymonkey.

In terms of SurveyMonkey, I did a very brief reading and writing survey. I typically offer this type survey in my F2F classes, but have not yet done so for my online courses. I would like to implement this and now that I have actually done a survey via Survey Monkey, plan to go back and tweak this to make it really ready to wear! Here is my draft:
Click here to take survey

Mind mapping was really great looking and I like the idea behind it A LOT. I had significant trouble though with MindMeister. It was not compatible with my browser and ended up deleting my mind map about three modes in, which was a bummer. I did not get a chance to try Personal Brain, but I will. I like the idea of mind mapping because it gives me the ability to graphically do the type of presentaiton I would normally draw out on a board in a F2F class. Before I have done Word documents with text boxes and so on for my online courses, but this is what mind mapping does and I think it will make my life much easier. I like the convenience (once I can get it to work) of the mind mapping and really did like MindMeister, but need to spend more time in it and perhaps use Firefox next time.

Jing – ahh, Jing. I can’t get into it. It wasn’t something I really liked…at least yet. I did not do a Jing. I’m sorry 😦 It was not a tool I felt comfortable in (much like Eyejot) and don’t envision myself using as a tool. I do see the benefit, possibly, of learning it, but I have trouble imagining myself using it practically.


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  1. Norm Wright
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 20:23:06

    If you haven’t seen http://mind42.com/ yet, you should take a look. I found it pretty easy to use. Personally, as an organizing and planning tool, I prefer to do mind maps on paper. But if I had a need to share or present a mind map, I’d probably use something like mind42 or personal brain.


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