Week 14 Catch Up

So this week we had to do several readings, explore YouTube, create an audio file thur Audacity or a similar program and finally uplaod something into a Slideshare with the audio file or do an EyeJot.

I was incredibly sick during this period and did not do more than the reading. I’ll be honest – the assignments compounded with my health were overwhelming this week and on top of it I didn’t feel like they would match up well with what I would use. I have yet to record my voice, and this is for two reasons. One, I did get a microphone, but it didn’t work, so I had to take it back and at the time that was the last one RadioShack had. so, I didn’t end up purchasing another one (lame excuse I know, but it’s what happened) and secondly, my voie on audio sounds quite literally like a 6 year old child’s – I don’t even record my home phone machine message for this reason. For this second reason, I really don’t have any intention of recording my voice for my online classes. I would not mind recording a video so they could see me talk, but I am not at all inclined to record my voice for a presentation. I realize this might hold back some of my presentation skills, but it is simply a personal preference.

So, out of all weeks, week fourteen was easily my weakest. Although I read through the readings, and did explore YouTube, I did little more 😦


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